Healthcare Solution Brief: Identifying and Validating Digital Competence and Confidence


Improve Health Outcomes and Increase Patient Satisfaction with Engagement, Automation, and Insights.

Overview is an innovative platform designed to streamline your marketing, sales, and business operations to help accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

PlatForce offers a comprehensive suite of tools that aid in the creation, management, and optimization of customer and prospect engagement, driving efficiency and productivity throughout your organization.

For Healthcare our value add includes helping triage patients based on their engagement to deliver care digitally in a personalized fashion which helps drive satisfaction and ensure protocol completion, which then drives quality health outcomes.

Key Benefits


  • Synthesize data sets to better identify and segment premium and in-market prospects
  • Target your engagement, loyalty, and gamification tactics based on their activity and interests
  • Market across web, mobile and social based on your customers preferred channels



  • Build memorable experiences for your users 
  • Reach them across your sites, stores, or stadiums 
  • Reach potential customers anytime, anywhere



  • Rapidly Identify Demand
  • Validate Demand 
  • Turn Data into Insights
  • Predict New Sales Channels



  • Capitalize on Opportunities 
  • Create New Digital Business Services
  • Unlock Revenue Opportunities



Conclusion provides an agile, scalable, and secure platform to create, manage, and optimize healthcare engagement and growth. 

  • Overdelivering on patient expectations.
  • Translates to better CAHPS.
  • Translates to better reimbursement.

Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first application or a global enterprise aiming to optimize your business building portfolio, is the ideal partner for your digital transformation journey.


About PlatForce

PlatForce is a leading business building platform that helps organizations power growth with monetization and insights. 

Rapidly identify and validate demand with engagement, automation, and insights to help predict new sales channels, segment premium audiences, and monetize new digital business services.

The company is headquartered in Miami with offices in Oslo, New York, and San Francisco. Learn more at .