Whitepaper: How Customers Build Innovative, Personalized Experiences with PlatForce


Improve Loyalty and Monetization with Engagement, Automation, and Insights.


PlatForce has been a trusted partner for customer-focused organizations, including enterprise and larger retail chains, for over a decade. Our expertise lies in enabling engaging conversations that drive customer acquisition, retention, and renewal. We have successfully helped our customers navigate challenging times such as the pandemic, the post-pandemic new normal, and economic slowdowns while strengthening their brand relationships.

One of the key factors that contribute to the stronger customer-brand relationships our clients enjoy is PlatForce’s focus on omnichannel, digital engagement. We prioritize the collection of zero-party and first-party data in compliant and secure ways, fostering trust between brands and their prospects and customers.

To illustrate the impact of our approach, we would like to share a few successful case studies. By examining these examples, you can gain valuable insights and avoid the common pitfalls associated with a noisy marketing environment and the ever-increasing complexities of compliance, privacy, and security considerations for brands.

Case Studies

KIWI Healthy Living

Winners receive daily sweepstakes credits against shopping bill based on specific customer journeys.

Interacts with POS data, further enhancing customer experience.


Norwegian Sports Federation

    The PlatForce “Fundraiser Portfolio” has been available through a self-service website to more than 50 different sports sub-federations in Norway, representing 155,000 club leaders.

    Our portfolio offering has been a major step forward for Norwegian sports communities, helping digitize their fundraising operations using the reach of social media, 1-to-1 communications, and marketing automation.


    Swim with a Mission Foundation for Navy Seals

    “Spin to win” offered added incentives in the form of prizes for donations now.

    Pro Sports Team Fan Engagement Anonymous Case

    Zero party data strategy to drive commercial success, Tailored experiences driving loyalty with the next generation, and Engagement activities that add to game day fun & excitement.

    Chances for regular ticket holders to win Private Stadium Tours, On Field Experiences, and more.



    In summary platforce, brings the following benefits:

    Personalization: Segment your premium audiences by synthesizing data sets to target your engagement, loyalty, and gamification tactics across web, mobile and social like never before.

    Experience: Build memorable experiences for your users across your sites, stores, or stadiums to reach potential customers anytime, anywhere.

    Innovation: Rapidly Identify and Validate Demand with Insight to Predict New Sales Channels

    Monetization: Capitalize on Opportunities to Create New Digital Business Services.


    We hope you find value in our customer success stories, as they offer insights that can help your organization proactively address potential issues before they become significant problems.

    By leveraging omni-channel digital marketing, you can build stronger one-on-one relationships with your customers, ensuring cohesive engagement and loyalty strategies that span various touchpoints.

    PlatForce is here to empower your enterprise or larger retail chain to engage and connect with prospects and customers, anytime and anywhere.

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    About PlatForce

    PlatForce is a leading business building platform that helps organizations power growth with monetization and insights. 

    Rapidly identify and validate demand with engagement, automation, and insights to help predict new sales channels, segment premium audiences, and monetize new digital business services.

    The company is headquartered in Miami with offices in Oslo, New York, and San Francisco. Learn more at www.PlatForce.com .